Virtual Training

Awasser provides training solutions adapted to the changing times, including
Virtual training which is characterized by the following
  • Ease of attendance :Attending lectures from anywhere and easily through laptops, tablets or mobile device
  • Direct interaction:Direct interaction between the trainers and the trainees to achieve the maximum benefit from the training proc
  • Recorded lectures:Recorded lectures with all their activities are available for easy refer and review
  • Interactive training :our platform provides a set of tools to create an interactive training environment that equivalents with traditional classroom training
In addition to Awasser learning management system (LMS)
This system provides a set of integrated tools that enable the parties to the training process to follow the training process and access a set of different reports that help evaluate the experimental process.


Advantages of  Learning management system
Provide training materials and videos anytime and anywhere
1. Secure through providing a unique username and password for each trainee.
2. Provide ability to access exams at any time and from anywhere.
3. Possibility to review homework and uploading them at the trainee's account.
4. Developing the self-learning mechanism through open opportunity of re-watching to the training materials after the end of the training process